Sling / love swing

Federsling – unbelievable floating sex for connoisseurs who are keen to experiment

Discover new and extraordinary sex experiences in the most unusual positions! Experience the feeling of weightlessness and try out new positions. Let yourself be rocked to the climax.

Experience unforgettable moments with our fetish playmates on the sling. Many sex fantasies can be realized with the love swing. The weightless act of love makes you want more. There are no limits to vaginal, oral and anal pleasure of any kind. Or hand yourself over to your lady and let her do whatever she wants with you. The lying position on the sling allows unrestricted access to your anus.

Rental price - commercial use EUR 30.00  (for the ladies with the contract)

Rental price - private use EUR 50.00

Rental fees including cleaning fees

Our cleaner cleans and disinfects the sling with a professional steamer after each use

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