SM Apartment Gold on 55 sqm

SM Apartment Gold on 55 sqm

SM Apartment Red on 45 sqm

SM Apartment Red on 45 sqm

VIP Lounge ELEGANCE - indoor area on 115 sqm

VIP Lounge ELEGANCE - indoor area on 115 sqm

VIP Lounge ELEGANCE - outdoor area - roof terrace on 80sqm

VIP Lounge ELEGANCE - outdoor area - roof terrace on 80sqm

Welcome to BDSM Apartments ELEGANCE

About The SM Apartments

BDSM has a new name - ELEGANCE. The BDSM Studio ELEGANCE is one of the best addresses for SM in Germany. Our name says it all. ELEGANCE means BDSM and fetish in an elegant style. High-quality bizarre rooms, high-quality SM equipment and first-class BDSM equipment are the standards of ELEGANCE.

BDSM apartments from ELEGANCE are "the" alternative to hotels. There are 4 fetish rental locations to choose from. We offer the right BDSM rooms with multifaceted SM play options for every requirement! With us you choose the SM apartment that best suits your bizarre needs and kinky preferences! Decide for yourself which BDSM area suits you! Each fetish studio is unique, which gives you an exclusive feeling of living. The unique BDSM equipment of our fetish apartments combine BDSM interior and comfort at the highest level

The symbiosis of modern comfort and classic, elegant SM interiors offer the appropriate framework for special SM experiences. With us you can live out your bizarre dreams, fetish fantasies and erotic desires. Escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in another bizarre world. Discover your personal erotic dream world, as a single couple or as a group.

Whether for a few BDSM hours, a bizarre overnight stay, a BDSM weekend or longer SM stays, here you will find everything you need for a date à la "Fifty Shades of Gray".


A special date awaits you in the intimate bizarre apartments. In our discreet BDSM apartments you can experience new and bizarre things undisturbed without other people. With us you can enjoy a world full of sensuality and captivating eroticism in a private atmosphere. In our exclusive fetish apartments, everything revolves around love, lust and passion in all its facets. Dreams of love become reality here.

Humans have five senses, but we will inspire you with the "sexiest" feeling. Enter the world of the unique and different "ELEGANCE feeling"! It starts with a desire for something special. Sparkling anticipation turns into pure BSDM holiday happiness as soon as you have arrived in the ELEGANCE world. Do you feel it already ...? Do you feel that special BDSM holiday feeling?

"Feel free!" is the motto in our bizarre SM Hotel, where you will experience BDSM in its most beautiful and noble form. As soon as you enter our SM rental location, you will feel the atmosphere, as relaxed and as open as you are!

Harmonized BDSM holiday apartments, your own wellness and bizarre area as well as numerous stylish fetish playrooms await you. Our SM rooms have numerous SM toys for adults and high-quality BDSM furniture. Even if you just want to use the sauna and whirlpool, you are in good hands at ELEGANCE. Experience a romantic fetish weekend undisturbed for two and without strangers. When the weather is nice, you can end the days on the terrace and then move on to the erotic part. Pure eroticism and togetherness at a high level! No matter if indoor or outdoor. An unforgettable dream night is waiting for you in our SM adventure paradise!

Rent this wonderful kinky wellness oasis and enjoy your most beautiful hours. You always book the private SM Apartments for yourself and / or for the guests you have invited. In our BDSM location you can play and celebrate relaxed!

With us, satisfaction becomes enthusiasm, your dreams that you haven't even thought of will come true. Special requests are gladly taken into account.

Our primary goal is to make your stay at ELEGANCE unforgettable! We wish you a wonderful stay and unforgettable erotic moments. In this sense, have a great and unique kinky time and enjoy the "ELEGANCE feeling".

We hope you enjoy browsing the following pages and look forward to your visit to our fetish apartments.

We wish you a lot of fun to experience a unique BDSM feeling in a private atmosphere.

Your ELEGANCE team 

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