We offer BDSM locations for the highest demands. Quality is important to us! You can be sure that with us you will receive the best quality BDSM equipment and SM equipment from the renowned manufacturer (StyleFetish).

A lot of emphasis is not only placed on luxury, but also on functionality. Our facility is sufficiently tailored to BDSM connoisseurs to meet their bizarre fetish wishes. Of course, very individually and tailored to the needs of the BDSM scene. We strive to offer you optimal quality. That is why we are in close contact with our guests to receive feedback at any time.

Today, an SM studio should no longer just satisfy its BDSM guests, it should inspire them. Our guests are enthusiastic about elegant, charming, contemporary rooms with SM flair. Of course, this also includes loving details and carefully selected accessories in harmonious colors. Simply everything elegant.

We offer guests a feel-good atmosphere. Do you know that? There are people whom we immediately find likeable the first time we meet. It is the same with us when we enter a house, a room or a room. In a split second we decide whether we feel comfortable there or not. We have created such BDSM feel-good spaces.

There are various reasons why guests like to book our BDSM oasis again and again. One reason for the decision is the kinky atmosphere of our house and this includes above all the unique bizarre ambience, fetish quality furniture and of course hospitality.
Focus on quality is our motto.

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