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My favorite room in Penthouse Elegance. The BDSM room is one of the larger rooms, several mirrors are attached to the walls in which you can observe yourself and the mistress from other angles. The most striking interior is the large bondage frame, which is diverse Offers fixation options and leaves nothing to be desired in connection with the cable pull.


A fantastically beautiful location which is simply fantastic fetishistic down to the smallest detail

Emma Lee

Thank you for this great location, which has turned out so fantastic with a lot of passion and attention to detail! Here you can immerse yourself in a world full of fantasies and give yourself completely to your passion

Rubbersisters Monica & Jacline

My customers are also all enthusiastic. A very exclusive, almost breathtaking location that is second to none.

Fotograf Andreas Würzig

The stylish decor with all the equipment, furniture and appliances, consistent depending on the room and absolutely high quality. The small, loving extras that you usually only recognize at second glance and the most important: the cleanliness and hygiene! Absolutely great, that's how it has to be!

Team Demask, Petra & Ronnie

Equipment, materials, ambience and service are really at the highest level. Everything is clinically pure & super professional

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